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THE GALLEY  - New Haven Authorized Dealer
Choose Your Accessories

Here's to a well-equipped kitchen.

Every Galley Workstation® is equipped with a well-appointed Culinary Kit – a function-driven set of accessories perfectly proportioned for each Galley. Designed to match every culinary need, this Kit is what makes the Galley the award-winning Workstation that is reinventing kitchens all over the world. Each Kit is available in your choice of white or black restaurant-quality resin, or Natural Bamboo. The Galley Culinary Kits were carefully designed to enable you to prepare, cook, serve, entertain, and clean up all in one convenient place. No more looking for cutting boards, colanders, bowls, or even drain racks, since they’re right there with your Galley!


In addition to the Culinary Kit, there is also an impressive selection of additional accessories to further enhance the Galley experience. The Dual-tier Condiment Serving Board, the Bottom Sink Divider and the Upper-tier Garnish Board are just a few of the additional cleverly-designed Galley accessories available.

This multipurpose server adds style, function and flexibility to your entertaining. Six containers (3 shallow and 3 deep) sit within a dual-tier platform, creating a tempting presentation for any kind of food buffet. Six clear lids included.

Need a separate basin? Drop this into your Galley for hand-washing stemware or fill it with ice to serve chilled beverages. Stopper and Platform included.

Reversible design is generously-sized for your most ambitious tasks.

Our exclusive design and a crowd favorite. This heavy-duty essential is as versatile as your current kitchen event. Attractive aluminum rods are equally as adept to hold a freshly-rinsed bowl as they are a hot-out-of-the-oven casserole. Holds up to 16 plates.

We’ve got you covered with this deluxe set for mixing, serving, rinsing, straining, and storing. The bowl has a nonslip silicone base and snap-tight inside lid to keep prepped ingredients and leftovers fresh in the fridge. The colander has silicone feet and nonslip handles. Platform included.

Low-profile bamboo block keeps cutlery right where you need it: at The Galley. Seven slots accommodate three larger knives and four smaller knives, plus scissors and a sharpener in this accessory that is designed to be recessed into your countertop.

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