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What We Do

Fletcher Cameron is a design and fabrication firm, specializing in both. We are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, CAD, and skilled professionals that follow your order from beginning to end. To ensure all elements of your order are made to specification, all fabrication is overseen and produced by us.

Whether you are renovating an existing space and/or starting new construction we can provide you with new and exciting designs. We are known for our attention to detail, material selection and color. 


We provide the following areas of expertise and can tailor according to your needs.

Kitchen Design + Consultation
This is our expertise. We can take you through all steps from beginning to end with the kitchen process. We tailor our services to your needs.
Appliance Integration
We keep up to date with the current trends of appliances; what is durable and what we recommend for your needs.
Sinks + Faucets
We have our favorites, but are always adding to our list of great faucets and sinks.
Lighting + Flooring
It is key to provide enough task light along with good ambient light in your kitchen space. Flooring can be as simple as carrying through your existing material; or trying something interesting like ceramic tile that looks like stone and/or a marmoleum tile.
Metal Work
We have full expertise to deliver all types of metal work for your project. Countertops; Railings; Fireplace Surrounds; and more---whether it is stainless, zinc, copper, or hot rolled steel.
Aside from countertops, we can provide slab floors and bath/shower enclosures.
Interior Doors
When your project calls out for custom interior doors, we have several different methods for building doors; whether standard or oversize; pocket; or full sliding barn doors. Guaranteed to stay flat and straight; keeping weight to a minimum.
Interior Planning
Often times you might need additional help with other improvements in your house i.e. furniture; lighting; renovation, additions, moving walls, etc.
Select Furniture
Furniture has been at the core of Fletcher Cameron's work since their inception. A number of select pieces are still custom made, especially various sized tables for multiple uses.
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