Some of the most beautiful rugs being designed today are by Marcia Weese. We are the east coast dealer and would be happy to assist you in your selection. We have samples available in our showroom in New Haven and would be happy to set up an appointment. For more information about her rugs, please check out her stunning website. www.weeserugs.com or call us for more details at 203.777.7707

The Designer

Award-winning artist and designer, Marcia Weese, has designed her rug collections to compliment a diversity of interior styles. Weese has a deep appreciation for simple authentic forms inspired by nature. The warm tones and elemental patterns of her rugs echo the natural contours of the Midwestern prairie and the whimsy and delight of the garden.

Everyone has a point of reference – for Marcia, it’s the light meeting the land. The patterns that light and weather make on the landscape are an unending source of mystery and wonder.

Weese works directly with Tibetan weavers as they translate her designs into highly-crafted, masterful and elegant rugs.

How to Order

Once you choose a pattern(s) and colors, we create a purchase order and request a 50% deposit. Upon receipt of your deposit, we generate a 12 x 12 inch sample. You approve the sample for color, and we return this sample to Nepal where the Tibetans weave to this exact dye lot. This way, you are never surprised by the end result.

The first sample is free; additional samples are $75 each. The sample takes 3-4 weeks to generate.

The rug takes approximately 4 months upon approval of sample. Rugs are shipped to you UPS from New York. We are available for consultation on colors and patterns if you need direction, or to help you with a custom project.

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